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2015. 1. “Life is out there and you are not” 2. “Time to go” 3.One sweetie for you sweeties 4.Another sweetie for you sweeties 5. They found some vaccination against cancer – “SalMOOnella Enterica fighters are here” 6. “Build your MOOride” with Lynx 7. “Look at the MOO – toinen nyt kuuta kanssas katsoo toinen vienyt sinyt lienyt 8. MOO loving -word begins from me, sentence continues to you 9. Finlans, Finland Jenni Haukio and Sauli Niinistö 10.Meet the Swinging MOO makers. At spring time there was Pelago cycle day at Stockholms Gamla Stans cykel. The swinging Shoemakers had a gig there. Like in the evening in Fotographiska at Svenska Forografers Förbundets fest.

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